Oxford Words Blog – What Italian Word Are You?

Tony&SueVaticanRome2015.jpgI’m not usually one to partake in or share quizzes, but seen as I was looking for the official OED (Oxford English Dictionary) app today I ran into the publishing site and the Oxford Words blog and this quiz with an Italian theme – I know Sue​ and I are looking forward to our 20th Anniversary trip back to to Florence later this year so this is right in tune!

Anyway, my results are these: ECLETTIO

You’re a true master of everything! You own all sorts of disciplines and seem to excel them all. You’re a fan of places where you can enjoy a varied range of experiences that suit your highly-demanding expectations.

About the word: ‘eclettico’ is used especially in art to describe someone who is capable of using different styles and disciplines and blend them together. For extension, it’s employed to denote someone who has multiple interests and is an expert in multiple things.

The word is derived from the Greek eklektikos, from eklegein ‘pick out’, from ek ‘out’ + legein ‘choose’.

And Sue’s word: MERIGGIARE

You’ve a poetic and contemplative soul. You enjoy spending your time contemplating the things that surround you and spending time on your own lost in your thoughts.

About the word: ‘meriggiare’ is is not easily translated into English. It comes from the Latin merīdiare, derived from meridies that is used to designate ‘midday’. The verb ‘meriggiare’ is used to describe the action of resting outdoors in the shadows during the warm hours of the afternoon. It’s therefore associated with contemplation and deep thinking.

The description sounds accurate of my ways. Jack of all trades, master of many.

I have certainly enjoyed my winding and multiple career paths, what is called a multipotential(ite) nowadays.

Emile Wapnick in her TED talk shares why some of us don’t have one true calling.

So what is your word?