By the people for the people?

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I rarely comment on the United Kingdom its policies and decisions. I have lived in America now for 20 years.

My family live in the UK and are impacted by the choices government make on their behalf.

When I lived in the UK I always enjoyed the fact that we are part of the greater community referred to as the European Union.

It seemed a good idea to collaborate and work together for the collective good of all the involved states and nations.

Trade and passage of people moved easily in the union.

Then one day some people had the bright idea perhaps that we were making a large financial contribution to this union and maybe not receiving the benefits we wanted to receive from it.

With mass migration of people occurring in our time to escape the hardships and torture of endless wars, from ruthless dictator’s, the protectionist mindset and nationalism has started to rise up in the world.

We seem to have forgotten that we are our brothers keeper and we love our neighbors like we love ourselves.

Man is a fickle being. He is oft whipped up by the fervor of a few leaders and can be turned to say yes and agree to almost anything.

When the Brexit referendum first took place the focus seemed to be on the financial contribution we are making to the EU instead of sharing and being transparent about the impact on our daily lives.

As the deadline for Brexit draws near you can already see the impact in places like the NHS nurses not deciding to come to the UK for training and large businesses rethinking the strategy as using the UK as a footprint in to the European market.

There is significant anxiety in the world over this choice to break apart what was already working.

Perhaps it would be appropriate to recommend the break up of the united nations and the world economic forum and every other collaborative organization that man has designed.

As government leaders you have been elected by the people for the people and have a responsibility to serve the people of the nation.

With so many voices now opposed to Brexit you must hold another referendum and ask the people again do you still want to leave you or do you want to remain.

Doing anything less than this would be a tragedy for the nation and the whole of the European Union and the world.

Tonight I beseech thee, before closing your eyes ask your heavenly father whom you worship, to make his answer plain clear and then collectively as the incumbent British government proceed accordingly.