My Dad is a Royal Air Force veteran

#veteransday #veteran #Air-force I’m so proud of my Dad conscripted 1957, joined #RoyalAirForce 1958 Air Traffic Controller (ATC). Lived in #rafscampton #rafshawbury RAF Brize Norton #liege Belgium. Dad was proud to be chair of sergeants and officers mess. He had great friends of Mick Cooper, Tony Perkis, Mike Drever that helped him throughout his service until he retired 1979 to Telford Shropshire. He was lost without the joy and friendship he found in the service. Sadly he drowned just before his 70th birthday on the last trip of his life to revisit every significant place WW2 took place – He felt such a debt of gratitude to all who fought for the freedom the world 🌎 enjoys today. RIP dad 1936-2006 I love ❤️ you


As in the edge of the table was at eye 👁 level when I was 5 in 1969 when Dad was posted to Liege to work in Maastricht we lived in a top floor flat next to the river Meuse not far from Bouverie Parc where we saw Peacocks 🦚