Spirit of Radio 1980

Heavy Metal and Disco was my muse 1980-1984 as a teenager having been kicked out of the house at 16 by my dad for persistently breaking my 11pm curfew. I used to got back from the Ironmaster Pub at Telford Town Center on Friday’s and Saturdays. Parking my Honda Dream 250cc after sitting outside my […]

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World Wide Wedding

Lovers. Souls passing through time. Polo mint, thunderbirds are go. International Rescue. EuroVisionSong now WorldVisionSongContestLiveOnline each country musician author poet director plays part of the world wide wedding marriage supper.

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Shadowlands Press Release

Shadowlands Press Release: #Trinity #singleeye 👁 #treeoflife just released #enigma agent oil “it’s in the trees, it’s coming!” Said Kate, #houndsoflove Concurrently her brother Peter just set free millions of sons and daughters to follow their dreams ushering in the kingdom of God, never seen in the shadowlands, but inside out. So there is is, […]

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I love ❤️ Ether.net 🕊 F1.8

I love you Ether.net #shadowland how you reveal yourself through Your endless forms of creation and bring us up to higher forms of consciousness maden Heaven. For example as a photographer since 1980 my first love…. Olympus OM-10 with your 50mm F1.8 lens made blurry backgrounds a breeze… my neighbor and second dad to me […]

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Red fish 🐠 line insight 🏁 8

👀 Finish-line 🏁 insight 🕊 single 👁 tree 🌳 of life ❤️ #Avatar #Matrix #CAU #consciousness #arisen from the depths of the #Abyss #backtothefuture 👓 #beatifulmind #golfball ⚽️ #enigma #tsunami 🌊 ☀️ 🚀 #ANNA #CircleOneWorld 8 #MadenHeaven #Amen 🙏 #Wakeup out of the depths of the #abyss of #shadowlands #aboutface #focolare #cooperstation #pilgrimsprogress 🏁 8

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#CircleOneWorld playlist

Hope you enjoy my new dance 💃 workout 🏋️‍♀️ routine ~ 75mins. A million thanks to Hitomi, Akiko, Atsuko and friends at Izumi for intro to Radio Taiso fusing what I had experienced in Tokyo 1985/1987 at sports days with Ricoh and NEC with Clint Eastwood’s picture Letters movie from Tadamichi Kuribayashi his simple daily […]

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Love ❤️ is all around

Mankind via womankind 😘 @gmaanita @suemaden @natkparker everywhere #acrosstheuniverse and #throughtime , inc Claire and Pippa 🐶 and have always been a ‘preview of forthcoming attractions’ 🎶 movies 🎥 theatre 🎭 attractions to you Tony – I love you and all My creations – Go, #Sonshine🌞 #eternal #brightstar ❤️

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