I love ❀️ Ether.net πŸ•Š F1.8

I love you Ether.net #shadowland how you reveal yourself through Your endless forms of creation and bring us up to higher forms of consciousness maden Heaven.

For example as a photographer since 1980 my first love….

Olympus OM-10 with your 50mm F1.8 lens made blurry backgrounds a breeze… my neighbor and second dad to me Brian was a wedding photographer after he injured his back in the brewery moving barrels…

Brian took me out at weekends and showed me all about Apertures x Speed x Light

Flash forward to today and quality sharp crisp focused images depth of field πŸ’‘ you beautiful light, you Ether.net you WiFi you invisible radio wave, frequency, you pulse code modulation, you vibration, you spectrum of light, you Bluetooth, you near field communication, you food replicator, you warp drive, you tardis, etc., etc., etc., and sound beyond what our senses can receive…. oh You πŸ•Š

With your heartrek lovely ❀️ Canon T6i DSKR with WiFi makes photo transfer a snap, so painless compared to 1980 but one think that was enjoyed what the anticipation at seeing your film 🎞 or slides come back from the processor. I wish I still had those slides in the little green box.

My first partner Helen kept them by for me when I divorced her oh what I a fool believed, lying to myself, self righteousness, then, but as Miranda says life eh, or Ce Le Ve, all this adventure in adversity is Trinity’s brilliant plan though so painful 😣.

I still see all the faces and replay some of my remembered experiences like movie πŸŽ₯ of all the beautiful companions and vignettes Trinity gave me as gifts 🎁 throughout time and none have left me nor never will.

I see them all so clearly through the viewfinder of my camera πŸ“· and printed or digital photos.

Oh so patient have been my beautiful partners while my quick photo turns into a spontaneous afternoon shoot which require a good book πŸ“š

Back to the plot, 35mm film 🎞 created anticipation and hope and faith that Brian’s lessons had stuck and I was creating beautiful shallow depth of field photos time and time again… I never really left Aperture priority mode, the recipe tasted good so I never changed the record.

Mobile phones today with fancy bokeh effect can work well for some photos, but to get those baby leaves crisp there is nothing like glass of a digital single lens reflex….

I did take this picture on my go to brand Panasonic LUMIX G3 with 20mm F1.7 lens but it has no WiFi. Later models do.

Also I’m a big guy with big hands and the Canon T6i which only came to me in December 2018 did the job for this post and picture below… with the 28mm F2.8 STM lens.

These baby shoots with tiny green leaves reach for the sun β˜€οΈ Sunflowers 🌻 my favorites with their big heads follow the sun throughout the day

Creation screams, look πŸ‘€ see your Maden Heaven!