Shadowlands Global.con Fire Sale starts today!

Shadowlands Global.con Fire Sale starts today

Shadowlands Global.Con announces poor financials year after year.

Going out of business fire 🔥 sale.

Global CEO Screw-tape said today:

“it was profitable business in the beginning when we built a financial marketplace based on fear and greed and self interest, but market share dwindled since people started to care about the people we destroyed in the process, Trinity always had a superior vision, a mysterious global communication network, Ether net, works without cables or radio waves, he has always talked direct to His A-Team we never stood a chance…our design teams tried all kinds of wires, cables, radio, wifi, but we could never outdo Trinity, he had an ace up his sleeve, Sunshine and Spirit, dynamic duo “

When asked will you be starting a new operation screw tape said:

Jesus H Christ we haven’t got a chance in hell against that kind of competition, I mean who anywhere in shadowlands has a global communication network that connected to everyone everywhere that doesn’t cost a dime, they’d be crazy, without a solid well written business plan no venture capitalists would lend a cent!

Things just aren’t what they used to be, we tried so hard to make America great again but we killed so many people by our number one blind spot – were #1 in deception and subtle shady secretive deal making, we even deceive ourselves and can’t keep up with all the lies. Eventually people saw right through our strategy of doublespeak and strings of broken promises we were virtually naked at the podium

So what was the key to the end

Well funny you should ask, humans prefer a Summer temperature of 69 to 89 and it just happens that the music produced in that era was in tune with Trinity’s love frequency and all his family are still dancing. And those that said they were his bur were really two timers and spoke lies for truth our friend Enoch said

Cone join the World Wide Wedding 👰 celebrations 🎉