I love ❤️ Ether.net 🕊 F1.8

I love you Ether.net #shadowland how you reveal yourself through Your endless forms of creation and bring us up to higher forms of consciousness maden Heaven. For example as a photographer since 1980 my first love…. Olympus OM-10 with your 50mm F1.8 lens made blurry backgrounds a breeze… my neighbor and second dad to me […]

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Red fish 🐠 line insight 🏁 8

👀 Finish-line 🏁 insight 🕊 single 👁 tree 🌳 of life ❤️ #Avatar #Matrix #CAU #consciousness #arisen from the depths of the #Abyss #backtothefuture 👓 #beatifulmind #golfball ⚽️ #enigma #tsunami 🌊 ☀️ 🚀 #ANNA #CircleOneWorld 8 #MadenHeaven #Amen 🙏 #Wakeup out of the depths of the #abyss of #shadowlands #aboutface #focolare #cooperstation #pilgrimsprogress 🏁 8

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#CircleOneWorld playlist

Hope you enjoy my new dance 💃 workout 🏋️‍♀️ routine ~ 75mins. A million thanks to Hitomi, Akiko, Atsuko and friends at Izumi for intro to Radio Taiso fusing what I had experienced in Tokyo 1985/1987 at sports days with Ricoh and NEC with Clint Eastwood’s picture Letters movie from Tadamichi Kuribayashi his simple daily […]

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Love ❤️ is all around

Mankind via womankind 😘 @gmaanita @suemaden @natkparker everywhere #acrosstheuniverse and #throughtime , inc Claire and Pippa 🐶 and have always been a ‘preview of forthcoming attractions’ 🎶 movies 🎥 theatre 🎭 attractions to you Tony – I love you and all My creations – Go, #Sonshine🌞 #eternal #brightstar ❤️

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By the people for the people?

I rarely comment on the United Kingdom its policies and decisions. I have lived in America now for 20 years. My family live in the UK and are impacted by the choices government make on their behalf. When I lived in the UK I always enjoyed the fact that we are part of the greater […]

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The Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman The movie and soundtrack is the greatest movie I have ever seen and soundtrackI have ever heard. I was born again April 2015, but God through this movie and soundtrack opened me up even more to the fullness of His total freedom, life, and love as I returned from Osaka Japan after 3 […]

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