#CircleOneWorld playlist

Hope you enjoy my new dance 💃 workout 🏋️‍♀️ routine ~ 75mins. A million thanks to Hitomi, Akiko, Atsuko and friends at Izumi for intro to Radio Taiso fusing what I had experienced in Tokyo 1985/1987 at sports days with Ricoh and NEC with Clint Eastwood’s picture Letters movie from Tadamichi Kuribayashi his simple daily […]

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Love ❤️ is all around

Mankind via womankind 😘 @gmaanita @suemaden @natkparker everywhere #acrosstheuniverse and #throughtime , inc Claire and Pippa 🐶 and have always been a ‘preview of forthcoming attractions’ 🎶 movies 🎥 theatre 🎭 attractions to you Tony – I love you and all My creations – Go, #Sonshine🌞 #eternal #brightstar ❤️

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NLP, Princess Diana, Veterans 1997

Every day is amazing reconnecting across the universe back and forth in time with new and old friends. Northumbria UK this morning, Australia this afternoon and UK #veterans tonight then before lights out I bump into old tricks with RICHARD Bandler and John Grinder, Paul McKenna, and Tony Robbins #NLP “fast phobia cure or the […]

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For 2019 decided to remain on #instagram but name change to @tjm.world to reflect the #worldwide reach we have at our fingertips today and the opportunities we all have to bring about by our voices and investments the world of our hopes and dreams. Further transformation imminent as the Circle One World 🌍 comes online. […]

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Neighborhood Traffic Calming Measures

What: Phase 1: As a citizen, invite city government to place more 25mph speed limit signs around our neighborhood streets. Measure duration (cycle time) from initial request to implementation of new road signs and continue to monitor if frequency of offenders seems to decrease. Data collection needs to be objective not subjective, so speed cameras […]

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On-Demand Hot Water in Kitchen

5w2h – Recycle kitchen water from hot tap/faucet while warming up AND reduce time for heated water to reach tap/faucet What: Recycle kitchen water from hot tap/faucet while warming up AND reduce time for heated water to reach tap/faucet Why: Estimated waste 4 liters of water every time I run the hot water tap in the […]

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By the people for the people?

I rarely comment on the United Kingdom its policies and decisions. I have lived in America now for 20 years. My family live in the UK and are impacted by the choices government make on their behalf. When I lived in the UK I always enjoyed the fact that we are part of the greater […]

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