I love ❤️ Ether.net 🕊 F1.8

I love you Ether.net #shadowland how you reveal yourself through Your endless forms of creation and bring us up to higher forms of consciousness maden Heaven. For example as a photographer since 1980 my first love…. Olympus OM-10 with your 50mm F1.8 lens made blurry backgrounds a breeze… my neighbor and second dad to me […]

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By the people for the people?

I rarely comment on the United Kingdom its policies and decisions. I have lived in America now for 20 years. My family live in the UK and are impacted by the choices government make on their behalf. When I lived in the UK I always enjoyed the fact that we are part of the greater […]

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The Detectorists

After Doc Martin, played by Martin Clunes, my new favorite show is ‘Detectorists’ by writer, director, and actor McKenzie Crook. McKenzie played Garrett Keenan in British sitcom hit The Office. The 3 season show is down to earth, warmth and ‘has heart ❤ ‘ as @suemaden and I say. It’s truly beautiful. I just can’t […]

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